Holland Club Induction Ceremony Agenda//Timeline September 15, 2013


12:05 PM – 12:29 PM

Base CDR Ferrell, SVCO Starbird & COB Cyr will stand by at entrance to meet incoming VIP’S w/ COB taking VIP’s to their seats. Wives of any VIP’s and the inductee will have reserved seating in first row of tables on one side of main aisle in upstairs meeting room. This is to include any staff personnel accompanying senior officers. Attending press will be provided seats on opposite side of main aisle in front row, with COB having a seat reserved for himself in the same section.


12:30 PM

Call to Order (CDR Ferrell)

Brief introduction and explanation of planned induction events

Introduction of VIP guests, representatives, and base officers at head table.


12:35 PM (CDR Ferrell)

Call group to stand followed by Pledge of Allegiance.


12:38 PM (Chaplain Schmidt)

Invocation by Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt.


12:40 PM (CDR Ferrell, COB Cyr)

COB Cyr called to Bell position for Lost Boat Ceremony.

CDR Ferrell, COB Cyr perform Lost Boat Ceremony.


12:45 PM

Introduction of Holland Club Members in attendance. Present short Power Point presentation of Holland history.

(Starbird/NERD 1- Elect Peter Koester)


Call inductee’s to stand (half turned) to one side of head

table facing membership and VIP table if possible. (Starbird)


Brief biography of Holland Club Inductees listed on Page 2. (Starbird).



      Gerald M. Doucette Jr. EN3(SS), Member USSVI, first qualified 1953

aboard USS Sarda (SS-488). Resides in North Bridgton, Me..


Raymond M. Farrell, STS3(SS), Life member USSVI, first qualified

1963 aboard USS Dogfish (SS-350). Resides in Kerry, Ireland.


         Michael P. Twombly, QM2(SS), Life Member USSVI, first qualified 1963

aboard USS Rock (SS-274).  Resides in Winthrop, Maine.


Roy Gorman, RMC(SS), Life Member of USSVI, first qualified 1963

aboard USS Remora (SS-487).  Resides in Buxton, Maine.


1:05 PM – 1:15PM

Holland Club Induction Ceremony Awards Presentation

(A.) Call Maine First Lady Anne LePage and Governor Paul LePage, to make presentations.

(Congratulatory Letters)


(B.) Call Senator Collins Representative, Michelle Michaud, to make presentation.  (Congratulatory Letters)


(C.) Call Congressman Michaud's Representative, Ryan Zimmerman, to make

presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)


(D.) Call Maine State Legislature Representative, Thomas Longstaff, to make presentation. (Legislative Sentiments)


(E.) Call Eastern District 1 Commander - Elect, Peter Koester, to make

presentation. (USSVI Holland Certificate, Membership Card & Patch)


(F.) Any other VIP’s to be called to speak (5 minute window)


1:15 PM -1:45 PM

(G.) Call for guest speaker, Vice Admiral George W. Emery, USN (Retired) to speak (30 Minutes)“Submarines in History”. (VADM Emery)


1:45 PM

End program, serve ala carte lunch to guests (VIP’s, Holland

Club and Guests first in line) (Heidi Ellring, Debbi Ferrell & Maine Base Wives).

Governor and First Lady LePage commenting on the occasion

 Governor and First Lady LePage congratulate new Holland Club Inductees (from left to right: Roy Gorman, Mike Twombly, Ray Ferrell, and  Gerald M. Doucette)


Working their way down the inductees



Roy explains how he would run the state if he was in charge. Governor and First Lady respond appropriately




The old curmudgeons(current Holland Club members) welcome the newbie's into the Holland Club

What is the Governor and First Lady listening so intently too?

They are listening to Roy Gorman explain the proper way to don an Irish Cover of course.


Ray Ferrell and Governor LePage

Roy Gorman and Governor LePage

To make a room beautiful, it must be properly decorated. The above picture is a good example of how to do that.



Our kitchen staff, smiling and happy about the great job they did!!!

Wait a minute, NOW I know why they are smiling.

A huge Bravo Zulu to the kitchen staff for a great job.


Another Bravo Zulu for Vice Admiral Emery. Our guest speaker, and someone that tells stories even better than Roy Gorman.

There was some discussion concerning that ability during the ceremony.


The whole gang in front of the USS Thresher replica.

Bucky either thinks we are getting ready for a sprint or still hasn't straightened up from that U-Boat he was on.