USS Maine Base members met at 1200 hours on April 9, 2016 at the R.W. Traip Academy in Kittery, Maine prior to attending the 53rd Anniversary Memorial Service for USS Thresher (SSN 593).


The joint Maine and Thresher Base meeting held in March tolled the bells for lost boats in both March and April so they were not repeated but are listed as follows:


April lost boats:

                USS Pickerel, SS-177 lost 4/3/1943 with 74 crew on their 7th war patrol

                USS Snook, SS-279 lost 4/8/1945 with 84 crew.  She ranked 10 in tonnage and 9th in ships sunk

                USS Thresher, SSN-593 lost 4/10/1963 with 112 crew and 17 civilians

                USS Gudgeon, SS-211, 4/18/1944 with79 crew on their 12th war patrol

                USS Grenadier, SS-210, 4/22/43 with 76 crew taken prisoner and 72 survived


We discussed several members who have been on the binnacle list.


USS Maine Base COB Real Cyr is hospitalized at Mid-Maine Medical in Augusta recovering from a bout of pneumonia.  Members were encouraged to visit, call or send get well cards to Chief Cyr.


Maurice Scribner was hospitalized and is now home and on the mend.  He would also like to receive a call or a card.


The next base meeting will be held in Old Orchard Beach on May 30 following participation in the Memorial Day Parade.  Sr. Vice Commander Larry Ferrell will communicate the details for the parade and meeting.


There being no other business, USS Maine Base members adjourned to attend the USS Thresher Memorial Service.


Chris Smith, Base Commander

USS Maine Base