A meeting was held at Larry Ferrellís on Lake Sebasticook along with the Maine Base Summer Picnic.  A total of 15 members were there including spouses.


The Creed of the USSVI was read.    The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was performed.

          Base Chaplin Terry Schmidt performed an invocation.




Base Business cards with the USSVI Creed, used for advertising the base, were passed out by Base Commander Larry Ferrell.  He has ordered 500 of them for members to pass out when asked in public about our organization.


New Base Liability insurance, as provided by USSVI through Rust Insurance Co. was discussed.  USSVI has recently purchased insurance to cover base functions, including parades, and the Base will no longer have to buy its own.   Cancellation of the old liability insurance through the Post Insurance Co was performed and a rebate should be forthcoming.  The new insurance does require a form to be submitted to the Rust Insurance Co for each special event, not including meetings.


The 2014 USSVI Calendars are now available and Harlan took up a request list for delivery expected this fall.  Anyone else wanting one should notify Harlan before he sends in this years order.


A letter from R. Farrell in Ireland was shown discussing the recent Holland article in the Irish publication.


The Holland Club Induction meeting planned for Sept 21, 2014, at the American Legion Post 205 hall was discussed with John Starboards' itinerary being referred to.  Starbird will publish an RSVP send out and coordinate the food potluck meal with Heidi.  Invitations have been sent out and the event planning is well underway.   Note: Base Commander Larry Ferrell will not be attending the event as he will be at the USSVI Convention in San Francisco.


The Base will participate in the Veterans Day parade in Portland to be held Tue Nov 11, 2014.  Planning still needs to be done to do this years Kaps for Kids at the Portland Hospital after the parade.  Bucky Walters is in charge of this event.


Meeting adjourned.