December 2015


Our annual Christmas party went off quite well.

We had an extra event. Steve Adler and Heidi Elrich elected to get married at our party by our Chaplain Terry Schmidt. It was a very good ceremony and everyone was happy to watch this event.

A summary of the Christmas Party:

We had an official swearing in of our new Officers for the next two years (most of them) They are as follows:

Sr VICE COMMANDER: Larry Ferrell
Jr VICE COMMANDER: John Starbird
SECRETARY: John McCutcheon
TREASURER: Perley Shover

COB: Real Cyr
CHAPLAIN: Terry Schmidt

Note: (Chris Smith winters down South and Larry Ferrell will still coordinate activities while Chris is away.)

Got the following accomplished:

Picked up all the Christmas presents for the Veterans home Christmas program. Will deliver them next Sat when I go to Augusta for the Wreaths event at the Maine Veterans Cemeteries.

Voted on paying the American Legion for our use of the Hall. ($75 ea for the Holland club and Christmas ceremonies and $100 advance for fuel oil for the year). Will get the $250 total to Don Demers (along with a copy of the 2016 schedule) the next time I see him.

Voted on and made a $100 contribution to the Submarine Memorial Museum in New London as a match to my personal $100 gift. Made this in leu of my asking for gas/tolls money reimbursement for my towing expenses for 2015.

Discussed our 2016 schedule and parade events. (Thresher Memorial participation, etc.)

Had a good turnout for the Christmas party. (Maybe 55-60 people)

Everyone who owes DUES please get them in ASAP. Reminder (National Dues go up $5 for next year if you wait till then to pay them.)

Larry Ferrell

Maine Submarine Veterans
Past Base Commander
Still: Sr Vice commander, Parade Coordinator, float caretaker, etc.