A meeting was held at the Augusta American Legion Post 205 lower hall.  Base Commander Larry Ferrell called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM. 


The Creed of the USSVI was read.   

The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was performed.

          Real Cyr, COB, did the Tolling of the Bell for Boats lost in January.

          Base Chaplin Terry Schmidt performed an invocation.

          Quorum verified.

Treasury report by Perley Shover just over $2,000.00




Discussed 2014 Base proposed schedule.  


Still working on end of year required financial report (Commander Ferrell and Treasurer Perley Shover)


Discussed Longevity pins for 2014.  John McCutcheon will provide list, John Starbird will obtain the pins, and Terry Schmidt will provide the certificates.


Parades for 2014 will include:

Bicentennial parade in Newport on July 5 (a $500 float prize was announced)

Memorial Day parade in Bangor followed by a base meeting at the Sea Dog restaurant Veterans Day at Portland.    

(And maybe the Moxie parade in Lisbon).


Discussed Base participation with USSVI in Memorial Day parade in D.C. invitation.  Decided that participation will be too expensive and the trip is too hard for base to participate.   (Would cost a minimum of $500 just to get the submarine float to and from plus hotel expenses for participants, and we just do not have enough funds).


Discussed potential participation in Moxie parade, as suggested by Harlan Brown, scheduled for July 12.  Decided to hold off on approval till closer to the date and verification of member in Lisbon availability.  Harlan Brown will continue research.


Discussed Maine Base participation at Thresher Memorial in Kittery on April 12, 2014, to be held at the Traip Academy.  Will do a car pool down from Topsham McDonalds, as done in previous years.  Maps to the event passed out.  RSVP list establish (see below), to be turned in to Thresher Base Commander at the March combined meeting.


Discussed planned Base meeting with Thresher base subvets for a combined base meeting on Saturday March 15, 2014, at Newicks Seafood restaurant in Dover, N.H.  Maps to the event passed out.


Discussed plans to revise the Base Brochure for 2014.  Maurice Scribner has volunteered to help Commander Ferrell proceed with the revision.  Showed suggested changes to the membership for comments.


Harlan Brown discussed hats and other Base consumables that he will be purchasing from USSVI.  Membership voted to give all future Holland Club inductees a Holland club hat.  All past members can purchase their own.


Showed USS Maine commissioning memorabilia submitted to base by member Art Mary.  Placed items in base trophy case.


Discussed Base Kapís for Kids event after the Bangor Memorial Day parade, as suggested by Kapís for Kids coordinator Bucky Walters.  We have not done the Bangor Hospital (Eastern Maine Medical) in several years and decided that we should to do it this year.  Steve Adler will help with the coordination (his step daughter) with the hospital.  Membership voted to support event including cost(s).  Discussed event costs, in that we may not be able to do both Bangor and Portland each year, as it is rather costly.  But will try to rotate.


Meeting adjourned.  


RSVP list for attendance at the Thresher Memorial on April 12:
 Larry & Debbie Ferrell
 Brian and Ginnie Spaulding
 Perley and Shirley Shover
 Chris and Maggie Smith

 John A McCutcheon
 Real Cyr

 Creighton Gogos
 Bucky Walters
 Stephen Adler
 John Starbird
 Terry Schmidt
 Roy Gorman
 Harlan Brown