Holland Club Induction Ceremony Agenda//Timeline September 21, 2014

12:30 PM Call to Order (Vice CDR Starbird)  Brief introduction and explanation of planned induction events
Introduction of VIP guests, representatives, and base officers at head table.

12:35 PM (Vice CDR Starbird) Call group to stand followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

12:38 PM (Chaplain Schmidt) Invocation by Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt.

12:40 PM (Vice CDR Starbird, COB Cyr) COB Cyr called to Bell position for Lost Boat Ceremony.
Vice CDR Starbird, COB Cyr perform Lost Boat Ceremony.

12:45 PM
Introduction of Holland Club Members in attendance. (Starbird)

Brief biography of Holland Club Inductees. (Starbird).

(1.) Creighton M. Gogos, SN(SS), Life Member USSVI & USS Maine Base, first qualified 1947 aboard USS Tusk (SS-426). Resides in Biddeford, Maine.

(2.) Larry L. Ferrell, MM1(SS), Life member USSVI & USS Maine Base, first qualified 1964 aboard USS Thornback (SS-418). Resides in Newport, Maine. Larry is also Base Commander.

(3.) Willis Clifford, TM3(SS), Life Member USSVI, USS Maine Base and Treasure Coast Base, first qualified 1956 aboard USS Piper (SS-409). Resides in Edgecomb, Maine.

(4.) James J. Bruce, MT3(SS), Life Member USSVI, USS Maine, Groton and Tang Base, first qualified 1964 aboard USS Tigrone (SS-419). Resides in Alna, Maine.

1:05 PM – 1:15PM
Holland Club Induction Ceremony Awards Presentation

(A.) Call Maine First Lady Anne LePage, to make presentations. (Congratulatory Letters)

(B.) Call Maine Senator Collins Representative, Chuck Mahaleris, to make presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)

(C.) Call Maine Congressman Mike Michaud, to make presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)

(D.) Call Maine State Legislature Representative, Tim Marks (D) Pittston, to make presentation. (Legislative Sentiments)

(E.) Call Senior Vice Commander, John Starbird, to make presentation. (USSVI Holland Certificate, Membership Card & Patch)

(F.) Any other VIP’s or Holland Club members to be called to speak. (5 minute window)

1:15 PM -1:45 PM
(G.) Call for guest speaker, Writer D. Allan Kerr, author of "Silent Strength" to speak (30 Minutes). (Mr. D. Allan Kerr)

1:45 PM
End program, serve ala carte lunch to guests (VIP’s, Holland Club and Guests first in line)(Heidi Ellring & Maine Base Wives). NOTE: We will hold an informal auction of submarine related donated items during the meal. Base Secretary John Mccutcheon will be the auctioneer.

Approx. 2:35PM
End of Meal (Clean up). ALL Maine Base members.

NOTE: Times are approximate and may be adjusted to suit number of inductee’s and VIP’s present.

Submitted by: John Starbird CMC(SS) SVCO USS Maine Base

SVCO John Starbird introduces guests. From left to right:

Congressman Mike Michaud, First Lady Anne LePage, Senator Collins Rep. Chuck Mahaleris, and Maine State Representative Tim Marks

Chief of the Boat, Real Cyr, waiting to go to work

Congressman Mike Michaud

State of Maine First Lady Anne LePage

Holland Club Inductee Jim Bruce, embarrassed by too much attention, tries to hide his face or worried about

being recognized by law enforcement agencies????

First Lady Anne LePage and Creighton Gogos

First Lady Anne LePage and Willis Clifford

Roy Gorman and Terry Schmidt working both sides of the bar

Capt. John Morris explaining to Gorman what hat is the uniform of the day.

If our photographer had been one second faster we would have a photo of not only Steve's beard, but the

mouse that also resides there

The old welcoming the new

Late night poker and this is the pair you draw

SVCO Starbird presents USS Maine hat to author of "Silent Strength" and guest speaker D. Allan Kerr