United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

U.S.S. Maine Base

Holland Club Induction Ceremony Agenda - September 17, 2017


During this time period volunteers will arrange tables and seating for meeting at American Legion Post 205, Rt. 17, 400 Eastern Ave. Augusta, Maine.

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Base Junior Vice CDR Spaulding & COB Starbird will stand by at entrance to meet incoming VIP’S w/ COB taking VIP’s to their seats. Wives of any VIP’s and the inductees will have reserved seating in first row of tables on one side of main aisle in upstairs meeting room. This is to include any staff personnel accompanying senior officers. Attending press will be provided seats on opposite side of main aisle in front row, with COB having a seat reserved for himself in the same section.

12:30 PM

Call to Order (CDR Smith//COB Starbird)

Brief introduction and explanation of planned induction events

Introduction of VIP guests, State Representatives, and Base Officers at head table.

12:35 PM (CDR Smith)

Call group to stand followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

12:38 PM (Chaplain Schmidt)

Invocation by Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt.

12:40 PM (CDR Smith, COB Starbird)

COB Starbird called to Bell position for Lost Boat Ceremony.

CDR Smith, COB Starbird perform Lost Boat Ceremony.

12:45 PM

Introduction of Holland Club Members in attendance. (Smith/Starbird)

(Optional) Assemble all current Holland members to form Honor Guard for presentation, right side of podium. (CDR Smith)

12:45 PM (Cont.)

Call inductees to stand (half turned) to one side of head table facing membership and VIP table if possible. (Smith)

Brief biography of Holland Club Inductees. (Smith/Starbird).

(1) Richard Terrance Sweeney, Master Chief Torpedoman TMCM(SS), Life Member USSVI & USS Maine Base, first qualified in 1956 aboard USS Angler(SS-240). Richard resides in Falmouth, Maine with wife Carolyn. Richard retired from the USN in 1975 after 20 years of service.

(2) Roger Burleigh, Submarine Sonar Technician First Class STS1(SS), Life member USSVI & USS Maine Base, first qualified in 1967 aboard USS Cobbler (SS-344). Roger resides on Westport Island, Maine with wife Becky.

(3) Millard W. Dolley, Torpedoman Second Class TM2(SS), Air Force Master Sargent (MSGT), Life Member USSVI & USS Maine Base, first qualified in 1967 aboard USS Sablefish (SS-303). Millard resides in Brewer, Maine with his significant other Judy Gamble. Millard served in the USN from 1966-1969. Millard retired with continuous service from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant in 1991.

1:00 PM – 1:15PM

Holland Club Induction Ceremony Awards Presentation

(A.) Call Maine Public Safety Commissioner John Morris representing Governor Paul LePage, to make presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)

(B.) Call Maine Senator Collins Representative, Mark Winter, to make presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)

(C.) Call Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree or her Representative, Pam Trimward, to make presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)

(D.) Call Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s Representative, Tim Gallant, to make presentation. (Congratulatory Letters)

(E.) Call Maine State Legislature Representative, Thomas Longstaff (D. Waterville), to make presentation. (Legislative Sentiments)

(F.) Call USSVI Northeastern District 1 Commander Peter Koester, to make presentation. (USSVI Holland Certificate, Membership Card & Patch)

(G.) Any other VIP’s or Holland Club members to be called to speak. (5 min. window)

1:15 PM -1:55 PM

(H.) Call for guest speaker Mr. David Jourdan, to speak about the June, 1942 Battle of Midway, the USS Nautilus (SS-168) and the groundbreaking periscope photography associated with the submarine. (40 Minutes). Submariner/Writer/Explorer Mr. David Jourdan

2:00 PM

End program, serve ala carte lunch to guests (VIP’s, Holland Club and Guests first in line). (Debbie Ferrell, Heidi Ellring Adler & Maine Base Wives).

Another Great Cake!

2017 Holland Club Inductees: Roger Burleigh, Millard Dolley and Richard Sweeney!

USS Maine Base members and their guests!

Floor Supervisors: Past Treasurer Steve Adler and First Base CDR Ed Cockburn (with companions)!

Past Commander Larry Ferrell musing. Whatever that means!

Present Webmaster Brian Spaulding and Predecessor Roy Gorman compare notes! Cockburn takes five!

The Leemans and the Borgesens frame Willis Clifford who's looking for wife, Merry.

Even before they start, Paul Talbot and his missus enjoy the proceedings!

Base Secretary John McCutcheon takes mental notes.

Presenters: Captain John Morris; Tim Gallant; Pam Trinward; Thomas Longstaff.

Presenters: Peter Koester, Mark Winter, and our Guest Speaker, David Jourdan, all wonder why CDR Smith is standing!

CDR Smith conducts "Tolling of the Boats" ceremony assisted by Past CDR Larry Ferrell.

Past CDR Larry Ferrell receives USSVI SILVER ANCHOR AWARD from USSVI NE Dist 1 CDR Peter Koester.

The significance of Holland Club membership is provided by NE Dist 1 CDR Peter Koester.

Base CDR Smith presents inductees with their Holland Club membership certificates.

For lack of other things to do, the honored trio hold onto their Holland Club membership thingees!

CDR Smith and COB Starbird entertain Sweeney and Dolley (with ribald naval humor, no doubt)!

The "newest" HC members receive their yellow HC caps from CDR Smith. COB Starbird assists.

Pam Trinward, rep for ME Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, speaks.

An HCer himself, ME Public Safety Commissioner John Morris, reads comments from Gov. LePage.

Representing ME Sen. Susan Collins, MarkWinter reads a letter from the senator.

Millard Dolley receives his Holland Club cap from Maine Base Commander Chris Smith; COB Starbird assists.

Maine State Legislative Rep Thomans Longstaff thanks all Maine Base members present for their service.

Guest Speaker Mr. David Jourdan: Submariner, Author and Explorer.

David Jourdan speaks about the June 1942 Battle of Midway and the crucial role of the USS Nautilus (SS-168) during the battle.

Maine Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt with David Jourdan. Thanks to Terry for providing this photos and most of the others here!