2006 Inductees

Real J. Cyr, EMC(SS) USN (Ret);

William "Bucky" Walters FSC3(SS) USN

Albert J. Childs, Jr.RM3(SS) USN



                                           Minutes of Base Meeting October 15, 2006


This being a special meeting for the induction of three members into the Holland Club the usual format

of a Regular meeting was not followed. Nineteen USS Maine Base members were present as were several

family members and guests of our three Holland Club inductee members.  Parade Coordinator Larry Ferrell

brought the Base Boat Float for all to see.  Many pictures were taken in front of it in the parking lot. Also

in attendance were members from Groton Base and several VIPs were present as follows:


US Representative Tom Allen (ME); Speaker of the House (Maine) John Richardson; USSVI National

CO Tom Conlon and wife, Gina; Eastern Region Director John Carcioppolo and wife, Dee; Eastern

Region District 1 CO PW Louthain and wife, Sandy; FTCS(SS) Michael Collett, COB, USS Salt Lake City

 SSN 716 and wife, Teresa; and Scott Parsons, representing Submarine Association of Canada (SAOC) (East).


Opening Ceremonies.

Approximately 1420 Commander Al Childs called the meeting to order.  CO Childs provided an explanation

of the days planned Holland Club Induction ceremony and introduced VIP guests, representatives, and Base

officers at the head tables.  CO Childs then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.



USS Maine Base Chaplain offered an appropriate prayer.


Tolling of Lost Boats.

COB John Morrill assisted at our bell while the CO read the boats lost during the month of October.


Holland Club Ceremony.

CO Childs turned the meeting over to SVC Starbird.  SVC Starbird called the members to be inducted

 into the Holland Club to the podium.  After introducing members Real J. Cyr, EMC(SS) USN (Ret);

William "Bucky" Walters, former FSC3(SS) USN; and Albert J. Childs, Jr., former RM3(SS) USN

Starbird read a brief biography of each man.


VIP Presentations.

SVC Starbird read a tribute to submariners.  It was observed that there were more than one pair of moist

eyes in the audience.


The following speakers were introduced and made presentations to the inductees:

US Representative Tom Allen (ME); Speaker of the House (Maine) John Richardson; USSVI National

CO Tom Conlon; Eastern Region Director John Carcioppolo; and Eastern Region District 1 CO PW

Louthain. FTCS(SS) Michael Collett, COB, USS Salt Lake City SSN 716; Scott Parsons, Submarine

Association of Canada (SAOC) (East).


Each speaker spoke in terms of the service, dedication to country and valor of each of the inductees and

presented each with commemorative certificates.  Among the presentations, of course, were the hallowed

Holland Club membership certificates presented by USSVI National Commander Tom Conlon. Others

included certificates from the Maine Legislature presented by Speaker of the Maine House, John Richardson.

SVC Starbird announced that US Senator Susan Collins could not attend but had mailed a certificate signed

by President George W. Bush, Commander-in-Chief o each inductee.


FTCS(SS) Collett, COB of the USS Salt Lake City SSN 716, updated us with an inspiring speech about

the modern submarine force with emphasis now being placed on the force being prepared for littoral warfare.   


Fellow member, singer-song writer and author, Tommy Cox, performed several of his songs for us. Thanks,

Tommy!  Your lyrics are very moving as always.  



Willy Waugh, Chaplain, SCOA (East) offered an appropriate prayer.


Social Hour.

Attendees enjoyed an informal Social & Cocktail period which allowed all to greet and meet. Many checked

out the goodies at our Base Store table, manned ably by Storekeeper Harlan Brown, and several availed

themselves of this opportunity to buy Tommy Cox's book, "Tango Charlie", which Tommy happily

autographed.  Remember to buy a copy!  It's a dandy read!  



This period of convivality was followed by a super spaghetti dinner prepared by our very own Chef

extraordinaire, Richard Harris!  Thanks, Dick, and thanks to your crew, too: fellow members Roy

Gorman, Ed Cockburn and wife, Sylvia and occasional mess cranks SVCO Starbird, who did a great as

Master of Ceremonies throughout the afternoon; COB John Morrill; and several other Base members,

notable among them, John McCutcheon, observed all afternoon working his tail off doing one thing

or another.  Many members helped set up the tables, chairs and helped bring food to the serving area. 

And, many thanks to all the other ladies for helping out, too.  Thanks to great teamwork we actually

concluded the event ahead of schedule!

Next meeting will be Saturday November 11th in Portland for the Veterans Day parade. Look for the

Boat Float at the intersection of State and Congress Streets!  Remember!  There will be a brief meeting

and eats after the parade at the VFW Hall on Forest Ave.  See web site Announcements Page for info

and directions.

    Respectfully submitted by  Brian Spaulding


Letter to Submariners of Canada

Albert J. Childs, Commander

P.O. Box 745, Brownville, Me. 04414                                                                 June 30, 2006

(207) 965 – 2151 or Email



Donald H. Brown, President

Submarine Association of Canada (East)


Dear Mr. Brown,


We, at the USS Maine Base, are preparing the agenda for our upcoming Holland Club induction ceremony, which recognizes and honors those members who have been qualified on submarines 50 years or more. One of our members, Real Cyr, began his long navy career in the Royal Canadian Navy in 1941 as a seaman on a corvette escorting convoys between North America to England and Russia. Sometime in 1942 Real volunteered again to become a commando in the British naval combined forces training in Scotland. As part of a commando team he took part in several missions, including two raids on the heavy cruiser Prince Eugen, which at the time was berthed in a fjord in Norway, with the team leaving from a British submarine off the coast. During the second raid in two days on the cruiser, the Germans discovered the team, killed some and captured others, among the captives was Real Cyr. He was subsequently interrogated in Norway and Denmark, then put on a train for occupied France where he expected to be interrogated some more and imprisoned. However, he and two of his fellow commandos managed to kill their guards, stole their uniforms, and jumped from the train after entering France. The trio made contact with the French resistance who hid them in a convent until arrangements could be made to return them to the coast and then to a waiting British submarine. Real then went on to serve in the US Navy as an interpreter on a submarine off the African coast, and ultimately wound up staying in the US Navy and completed war patrols on submarines in the Pacific, making our navy his ultimate career from which he retired as an Electrician Chief Petty Officer.


Now 82 years young, Real will be one of five members inducted into our Holland Club in October 2006 at a meeting in Augusta, Maine. My reason for contacting you is to request suggestions for appropriate representatives from the Royal Canadian Navy to attend this ceremony to honor Real. Also, can you put me in touch with someone who has contact with the British commando or special forces groups through whom I can extend an invitation for a representative. Your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated, as Real Cyr is an individual who exemplifies all the best there is in men who sailed under the sea, and stepped up to what ever challenge that was placed before him.



 Albert J. Childs, Commander



United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

U.S.S. Maine Base

Holland Cub Agenda 


1:45 PM – 2:15 PM               Cmdr., Sr. VCDR & COB will stand by at entrance to meet incoming VIP

                                w/ COB taking VIP to their seats. Canadian contingent to be seated in reserved section.   


                        **During this time period volunteers will arrange tables and seating for meeting.


2:15 PM            Call to Order      (Childs)


                        Brief introduction and explanation of planned days events


                        Introduction of VIP guests, representatives, and base officers at head table


2:20PM             Invocation (Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt)            


2:23 PM            Introduce Rep. Tom Allen for presentation (with brief statement why he is being

                        called early in program)


2:45 PM            Call group to stand – followed by Pledge of Allegiance


2:47 PM            COB called to Bell position for lost boat ceremony


                        Commander & COB perform Bell ceremony


3:10 PM            Commander turns over meeting to Sr. Vice Commander ( Starbird)

                        (brief explanation of this maneuver will be given by Commander)


3:15 PM            Introduction to Holland Club Membership (what it means to qual.)                                       (Starbird)


                        Call men to be inducted to stand (half turned) to one side of head table facing membership and VIP. (These men will be arranged by qual date with oldest being first). Brief biography of each man presented by Starbird.


                        (1)        Real J. Cyr, Elec.Mate Chief (SS) USN (Ret) Life Member USSVI, qualified 1942 aboard USS Herring (SS 233)


                        (2)        William “Bucky” Walters, FC3(SS), Life Member USSVI, qualified 1944 aboard USS Porpoise (SS 172)


                        (3)        Albert J. Childs, RM3 (SS), Life Member USSVI qualified 1956 aboard USS Halfbeak (SS 352)


3:25 PM            Holland Club Induction Ceremony             


                        (A)        Call National Commander to make presentation  (USSVI Certificates)


3:35                  (B)        Call House Speaker Richardson to make presentation                                                                   (Gov./Legislature)


3:45                  (C)        Call Senior Chief (COB) USS Salt Lake City, Michael Collett                    


4:00                  (E)        Call Peter Ogden, Director of Veteran Services in Maine,


                        (F)        Call John Carcioppolo, Eastern Region Director, to speak


                        (G)        Call PW Louthain, District 1, Commander to speak  (?)


                        (H)        Call Donald “Buster” Brown, Chairman, Canadian Sub Vets (East)  (?)


4:20 PM            Introduction of Tommy Cox who will provide entertainment.           

                        ** Tommy will have CD’s & his book for sale (table for sales needed)


4:50 PM            Informal Cocktail and Social Gathering (Beer & Wine w/ snacks)

                        (tables will be prepared for meal by volunteers during this time)


5:30 PM            Meal served w/ head table to include inductees and wives  (Harris)

                        (spaghetti, meat balls, bread, salad, coffee & tea. Cake for desert)


6:30                  End of Meal