A meeting was held at the Augusta American Legion Post 205 lower hall.  Base Commander Larry Ferrell called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM. 


The Creed for the USSVI was read.   

The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was performed.

          Tolling of the Bell for Boats lost in January was performed.

          Base Chaplin Terry Schmidt performed an invocation.




Treasurer report by Perley Shover:  $2039.51.


Discussed 2015 Base schedule.   Corrected dates for combined meeting with Thresher Base to Mar 21.  Thresher Memorial date in Kittery for 2015 is fixed at April 11.


End of the year report completed and submitted to membership for review by Base Commander Ferrell and then sent in to District Commander.  Still working on end of year required financial report (Commander Ferrell and Treasurer Perley Shover) Additional information required this year, such as value of Submarine Float, is taking the report longer to perform.


Parades for 2015 will include Memorial Day parade in Blue Hill and Veterans Day at Portland.  Additional parades will be added as suggested.  Parade Coordinator will continue to request monetary contributions from parade towns for parade participation to help cover expenses. 


Discussed member participation at Thresher Memorial in Kittery on April 11, 2015, to be held at the Traip Academy. Will probably do a car pool down from Topsham McDonalds, as done in previous years.  Will discuss details, as events get closer.


Discussed planned Base meeting with Thresher base subvets for a combined base meeting on Saturday March 21, 2015, at Newicks Seafood restaurant in Dover, N.H. 


Discussed membership delinquent list for Base and National USSVI dues.  Down to only a couple of members still having to pay.    (Any Member having difficulty paying dues, please contact a Base Officer).


Discussed Holland Club induction plans for 2015.    So far only one member to induct.


Meeting adjourned.