A meeting was held at Larry Ferrell’s house in Newport, Maine, in conjunction with the Base Summer picnic.  Base Commander Larry Ferrell called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM.

The Creed of the USSVI was read.    The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was performed.

          An opening prayer was led by base Chaplin Terry Schmidt.

The Tolling of the Bell for Boats lost in June was done by Real Cyr, COB.  (Note:  The Ships bell is under repair/refurbishment by member Steve Adler.)

A Treasurer report was made by Base Treasurer Perley Shover.  The Base has $2375.72, with all current bills paid.




Voting participation in the National Elections was discussed and all members were encouraged to get their voting done.


Steve Borgesen placed new SKIPJACK letters and 585 numbers (that he contributed) on the submarine float.


Participation of the Base at the memorial service to be held for Capt Bob Anderson in Freeport on July 23 was discussed.


A request for contributions to the USS Clamagore was discussed.  A contribution of $100 from the Maine Base Submarine Veterans was discussed and voted on, along with suggested contributions from individuals.


A discussion was held on looking into changing the meeting dates/times to fit in more members.  Larry will write a letter to the base membership detailing the suggested changes.  A vote will be held later in the year when more members have had a chance to add their suggestions.


PAST COMMANDER patches were handed out to past Commanders John Starbird and Ed Cockburn.


Storekeeper Harlan Brown made a report that our stock of SUBMARINE VETERANS plaques was running low and that we should purchase more.  Members voted to purchase another half dozen, at a current cost of $65 ea.


The next base meeting will be held in Augusta at the American Legion Post 205 hall where the schedule and planning for the September Holland Club induction will be finalized.  John Starbird discussed the letters of invitation he has sent out and a planning progress report.


Meeting adjourned and beer call performed.  Larry cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for the crew and family members and a good time was had by all.