Kaps for Kids

Veterans Day 11 Nov 2009,. after marching in the Portland Parade, some members of the USS Maine Base went to the hospital with Kaps (blue and pink) for the children in the cancer ward. The Kaps had Dolphins and Honorary Submariner inscribed on them. We also had Certificates, (designed by our Chaplain Terry Schmidt) that had been signed by Commander Starbird, declaring the recipient as an Honorary Submariner.  Unfortunately, due to concerns about the spread of flu, there was no direct interaction with the children, however Sherisse Wormell (Child Life Coordinator) assured us that the caps and certificates would be presented to the children with all the pomp and circumstance possible.


First Row: (L to R):John Morrill (SVCO & Kaps for Kids Program Chairman);John Starbird (Commander);Real Cyr (COB) Roy Gorman (Secretary); Wayne Briskey; Jim Bruce
Second Row: Terry Schmidt (Chaplain);Steve Adler; Richard Harris; John McCutcheon; Brian Spaulding




Kneeling (L to R): John Starbird (Commander); Jim Bruce
Standing First Row(L to R): Terry Schmidt (Chaplain);Real Cyr (COB);Sherisse Wormell (Child Life Coordinator)John Morrill (SVCO & Kaps for Kids Program Chairman); Wayne Briskey

Standing Second Row (L to R)Steve Adler; Richard Harris; Roy Gorman (Secretary); John McCutcheon; Brian Spaulding