Memorial Day 2009, USS Maine Base participated in the Bangor Parade


Chaplain Terry Schmidt and WWII Submariner Earle Aucion

Doc Chapman and Ed Cockburn, Ready to Roll

USS Maine Base Infantry Unit

Front: (L to R) Dan McGovern, John McCutcheon, John Starbird
Back: (L to R) Terry Schmidt, Roy Gorman, Maurice "Bud" Scribner

John Morrill (BCP Operator) showing Earle Aucion how high he can jump, while Perley Shover and Real Cyr stand lookout on the other side of the boat.

After the parade and prior to the drinks (members still standing!)

Top Row: (left to right): Terry Schmidt, Larry Ferrell, John Morrill and Real Cyr

Bottom Row: (left to right): Earle Aucion, Al Childs, John Starbird, Maurice Scribner, Perley Shover, Dan McGovern, Steve Adler, Doc Chapman, Roy Gorman, Ed Cockburn