A graveside service for World War II veteran and fellow Submariner F. Laurence "Bud" Nadeau Jr. was held on Saturday, May 15 at 11:00 am in East Millinocket at the East Millinocket Cemetery. The following directions were graciously provided to me by Angela Cote, East Millinocket Town Clerk.




Chaplain Schmidt Pays Tribute to fellow Submariner

Flag Folding Ceremony

Hand Salute by Maine Base Submariners

From Left to Right: Larry Ferrell, John McCutcheon, Al Childs, John Morrill, Bucky Walters, Ed Cockburn and Terry Schmidt


Military Honors


Presentation of Eternal Patrol Certificate to Shipmate Nadeau's Widow Evelyn

Follow-Up Monday 24 May 2010

Today I received the following e-mail from Ruth York, daughter-in-law and POA for Bud Nadeau's widow, Evelyn:

Dear Terry:


I meant to write before this, to let you know how very, very much Mrs. Nadeau & I appreciated you and the other submarine veterans attending the graveside service.  And even more importantly, how moving your words were and the extra time/effort you put into preparing the brochure on the submarine and his service in it.  You went far and above our expectations and it added so much to our memories.  She thought it was just perfect and was so pleased.  So, thank you again, and I hope you enjoy your summer.

       Ruth E. York

To which I replied:
Dear Ruth,
Thank you so much for your kind words concerning my remarks at the graveside service and the submarine brochure I prepared. As for my shipmates and I, it was our privilege and pleasure to be there to honor the distinguished service of our WWII shipmate, your loved one, Bud.
I know you are all very proud of his service in submarines and his notable contribution to the war effort. It was a pleasure to meet you and share this special time with your family.
May the Lord continue to bless you all with the healing of hearts, made tender by the loss of your dear loved one.