The meeting at the Portland VFW was opened by Commander Larry Ferrell after participating in the Portland Veterans Day parade. Lunch was provided by the VFW.

The Submariners creed was read.

Invocation led by Chaplin Terry Schmidt.

Tolling of the bells for US Submarines lost in November was deferred until Dec when the ships bell will be available.

Treasurer's report, was made:


Base Officers for 2014/2015 were elected. All positions remained the same.

It was announced that our Base Christmas Party will be held on December 1, 2013, in Augusta. It will be a pot luck, as previously held.

Wish lists were passed out for the Maine Veterans Home Christmas program with directions for wrapping and labeling attached. The presents to be collected at the Base Christmas party and then taken to the Veterans Home by Larry and Debbie Ferrell.

Dues are Due!! Come to the Christmas Party and pay your dues, please, to save Pearly a lot of work.

The 2014 schedule was passed out and discussed. Base Member Don Demers will coordinate use of the American Legion Hall for 2014. It was voted on to present the Legion with a $150 check to cover fuel costs for the year and with a $100 check to cover use of the upper hall which is the major money maker for the hall.

Wreaths across America will be held on Dec 14 this year. We will meet at Rebecca's (8:00 AM) and then go to Togus to lay wreaths as part of the Maine Christmas Wreath laying event.

USSVI 2014 Calendars were passed out by Store Keeper Harlan Brown.

A Put-the-submarine-to-bed-for-the-winter party was discussed and it was decided to be held, Sat, Nov 16 at Larry Ferrell's house in Newport, Maine. Directions will be sent out.

Meeting closed.

A group of Base members, led by Bucky Walters, went to the Portland hospital for a Kap's for Kid's presentation, where certificates and hats were presented to the children.








VFW 687 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine

Meeting was called to order by Base Commander Chris Smith at 1205 hours.

There were 8 members present.

All rose for the Pledge Allegiance to The Flag.

Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt gave the meeting Invocation.

The USSVI Creed was read: The purpose of the United States Submarine Veteranís Inc. is ďTo perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties, while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States Government.Ē

Sr. Vice Commander Larry Ferrell and Chief of the Boat John Starbird performed the Lost Boat Ceremony.

USS Albacore (SS-218)

Lost on Nov 7, 1944 with the loss of 85 men when she was sunk off northern Hokkaido. Winner of two Presidential Unit Citations, Albacore was on her eleventh war patrol and struck a mine while running submerged near a Japanese patrol craft that had detected her.

USS Growler (SS-215)

Lost on Nov 8, 1944 with the loss of 86 men when she was sunk in the South China Sea. Winner of two Navy Unit Commendations, Growler was on her 12th war patrol, and was lost while attacking a convoy, probably as a result of a depth charge attack or victim of a circular run by one of her own torpedoes.

USS Scamp (SS-277)

Probably sunk on November 16, 1944 with the loss of 83 men near Tokyo Bay. On her 8th war patrol, she may have been damaged by a mine and was trailing oil, which helped Japanese coast defense vessels locate and destroy her with depth charges.

USS Corvina (SS-226)

Lost on Nov 16, 1943 with the loss of 82 men when she was sunk just south of Truk. Corvina was on her 1st war patrol and appears she was lost to the torpedoes of a Japanese submarine.

USS Sculpin (SS-191)

Lost on Nov 19, 1943 with the loss of 43 men near Truk. Severely damaged by depth charges after attacking an enemy convoy, Sculpin continued to fight on the surface. When the captain was killed, the crew abandoned ship and scuttled Sculpin. 41 men were taken prisoner but only 21 survived the war. Among those not abandoning ship was CAPT Cromwell, aboard as a potential wolfpack commander, he rode the Sculpin down, fearing that vital information in his possession might be compromised under torture. For this, CAPT Cromwell was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Chris Smith, KAPS for KIDS:

Terry Schmidt, John Starbird, Chris Smith and Margaret Smith met at Barbara Bush Childrenís Hospital at 1300 on Friday, November 10, 2017 to meet with children in the cancer ward. They met with two girls and two boys and presented them with ball caps, Honorary Submariner Certificates and a picture of the USS Maine. Ball caps and certificates were provided to an additional seven children in the ward who were not available for a direct face to face visit. The children, parents and hospital staff were quite pleased with the visit and thanked us very much.

Officers Reports:

Perley Shover, Treasurerís Report and status of dues:

Perley was not present at the meeting so there was no Treasurerís report.

Reports from other officers:

Larry Ferrell passed out Veteranís Home gift assignments to those present and will complete the assignments via email correspondence with members not present. Feel free to send an email to Larry at llferrell@outlook.com and offer to accept an assignment for gifts.

Norm McLeod was presented with his USS Maine Base 10-year certificate and pin. Congratulations, Norm.


Elections: The list of members nominated to be officers was provided to all members by email on November 3, 2017. Those nominations are as follows:

    Base Secretary John McCutcheon

    Base Treasurer Perley Shover

    Jr. Vice Commander Larry Ferrell

    Sr. Vice Commander John Starbird

    Base Commander Chris Smith

There being no further nominations, nominations were closed.

All members were provided the opportunity to vote by proxy if they were unable to attend the meeting. Proxies were received from Dan McGovern, Paul Talbot and Glen Glidden. A motion was made to elect all the nominees, was seconded and unanimously approved. The elected officers shall serve a term of two years.

The Chief of the Boat and the Base Chaplain are positions appointed by the Base Commander. Subsequent to the meeting Chris appointed John Starbird to continue as Chief of the Boat and Terry Schmidt to continue as Base Chaplain.

The last two events of the year were discussed. Larry Ferrell will complete the coordination of gifts for the Veteranís Home. He will also provide the date, time and place to meet for the Wreaths Across America participation by USS Maine Base.

    December 3 12:30 PM Sunday, USS Maine Base Christmas Social at Augusta American Legion including induction of new officers followed by taking presents to Maine Veterans

    December 16 Wreaths Across America Day - Maine Veterans Cemetery


    A draft of 2018 events and locations for meetings was discussed.

All meetings are listed on the draft with TBD for the meeting locations as we decide where we want to meet and also if we want to have a new primary location.

    Sea Dog: Bangor, Camden, Topsham, Portland

    Tin Tin Buffet in Biddeford

    American Legion or VFW Posts. Maurice will check out the Waterville and Augusta Posts.

    Other possible locations were discussed. It was decided that an email would be sent to all members requesting recommendations. After receiving and reviewing the recommendations, members will be solicited to reach agreement on the locations.

    Norm McLeod said that the Portland VFW would be happy to have us make their post our home base. We met briefly with the Post Commander and she said we could work it out if we were interested.

On the table is a suggestion that maybe we would not schedule winter meetings in January or February or possibly just not February based upon the history of cancelled February meetings.

It was decided that we will participate in the Old Orchard Beach Memorial Day Parade.

The majority of those present would like to have the Base Picnic at the Sea Dog Baseball game again this year. We will see how soon the 2018 schedule comes out.

Currently we have no members who will be inducted into the Holland Club this year. John Starbird and John McCutcheon will verify this.

Updated draft schedule is attached. (Webmaster's note: It is posted on the website Announcements page.)

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned and we were treated to a beef stew lunch and Veteranís Day cake by the VFW.