A meeting was held at the Augusta American Legion Post #205.  Larry Ferrell called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM. 


The Creed of the USSVI was read.    The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was performed.

          Tolling of the Bell for Boats lost in October was performed.

          Base Chaplin Terry Schmidt performed an invocation.


          Treasurer Report:  $1600.00 (or so, with an additional $400 owed from double payment for Base Storekeeper purchases)




Most important business discussed:  An earlier meeting for winter meetings was discussed.  (To help members who travel far to get home before dark.)


Base Elections were discussed.  New Leadership is direly needed.  But no one volunteered to step up to the plate.  Will elect new Officers at November meeting.  John Starbird was for letting the Base fold and all of us going down to Thresher Base.


Members holding current positions for all the important duties requirements have promised to continue doing those functions (As follows)  Just need a new hat for Base Commander.


     Larry Ferrell volunteered to continue as Parade Coordinator/insurance coordinator.  (Will

     volunteer to take position as Jr or Sr Vice Commander.)


     Terry Schmidt will continue as Base Chaplin/Funeral-Memorial service coordinator.


     Perley Shover will continue as Base Treasurer,


     John Starbird will continue as Holland Club coordinator,   Will take position of Jr or Sr Vice



     Will have to talk to John McCutcheon to stay as Secretary (He is away for several weeks)


     Harlan as Storekeeper


     Real Cyr as COB


     Roy Gorman as Base Website coordinator.


     Base Commander is position that needs replaced.  


The Veterans Day parade in Portland was discussed.  It will be held on Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015.  Those wishing to car pool down to Portland can meet at the Topsham McDonalds at 08:00 AM.   After the parade, we will meet at the Portland VFW for an after parade meeting and then a group of members, led by Bucky Walters, will do the Kaps for Kids at the Portland Hospital.  Requested John Starbird to coordinate our meeting at the VFW,


Our Christmas party will be held at the Augusta American Legion Post #205 again this year.   The meal provided will be Pot Luck.  Every one is to bring in a dish.  We will be participating in the Maine Veterans Home (in Augusta) Christmas program and Larry will be passing out veteran wish lists as soon as he gets them from the Veterans Home.  Goal is to distribute them at the Veterans Day meeting so that members can purchase the gifts and get them back to Larry at the Christmas party in early Dec and then he can deliver them to the Veterans home.


Discussed working on the 2016 schedule.   Larry will produce same to present to membership by Nov.  


Discussed passing on our Base Member Oral Histories program to the VA.  They have started a new program similar to ours and it was decided it would provide a good, safe long term storage location for our completed histories.  John Starbird will coordinate getting our completed files from Ed Cockburn for turn over to VA person.


Discussed payment to Post #205 for next year’s use.  Will provide $100 for fuel (fuel cost are way down) and $150 for use of upstairs hall.  ($75 per use is normal charge for American Legion members per Don Demers). 


Larry discussed current Base Liability insurance requirements.  He is required to notify new Insurance carrier in writing to cover all parades and events, excluding meetings.  Previous liability insurance did not have this requirement but did cost the base $500-600 per year.  The current cost is zero.


Discussed  our participation on Dec 12/19, in “Wreaths Across America”.  Will meet for breakfast at Rebecca’s restaurant (close to Togus) at 8:00 AM and then go on from there to the event.


Discussed membership annual dues and reminded members to  pay them.


Roy Gorman discussed Base establishing a Face Book Page.  Will vote on same at next meeting.  Roy also discussed Base Website problems but all fixed now.


Meeting adjourned.


Glen Glidden Oral history was recorded by Base Vice Commander John Starbird.


Submitted by: Larry Ferrell:  (Base Secretary John McCutcheon is out of state)