The Summer Picnic of 2010 was held at Larry's house and as usual the food, hospitality and comradeship was exceptional


Harlan wonders if he could get a T shirt with Brians name and picture on it as Brian holds everyone spellbound as he tells them his recipe for cherry pie

Only a short hour has passed when harlan suddenly understands the story


John laments on the fact that his new camera is too small


John's Birthday cake has all the necessary Freudian symbols to sum up his life (Phallic symbol, Alcohol and the rest I leave to your imagination-you know the doughnut hole cake etc.)

Bucky wonders what he just sat in, ed looks astonished at the words Bucky has used and Real manages to maintain his innocent look while Larry rushes to save his chair

Bucky tries to control his enthusiasm as Larry tells a sea story and of course, Ed still looks astonished

Using a chair as a prop, dana explains the correct way to lean on a bar to Steve, Real maintains his innocent look, ed still looks astonished as Bucky steals (liberates) Ed's crackers