USS New Hampshire Commissioning

25 October 2008

The ceremony took place at the Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

The Following is a list of the USS Maine Base attendees: 

 John Starbird

John Morrill

Larry Ferrell

Roy Gorman

Perley Shover

Terry Schmidt

Harlan Brown

Jim Bruce

Steve Adler

Bucky Walters

Brian Spaulding

USS New Hampshire Mooring at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 


USS New Hampshire waits to be brought alive  


Crowd and Crew awaits 

Crew brings life to the USS New Hampshire


The USS New Hampshire leaves Portsmouth to take her place on and below the mighty atlantic 


USS Maine Base Crew


USS Maine Base Crew man the rails 

 Four out seven paying attention, not bad really!!



 John Morrill, Roy Gorman, Terry Schmidt