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The Mission of this Base is to perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who have given their lives in the pursuit of their duty while serving their country in the United States Submarine Force. That their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation for greater accomplishments. We pledge our loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and we support a strong U.S. Submarine Force.




The general procedure of meetings of this Base shall be in keeping with normal parliamentary procedure as set down in the current issue of "Robert's Rules of Order - Newly Revised" with exceptions to meeting procedures stated in Article 5.  Exceptions to some procedures may be instituted at the meetings for expediency and clarity.




A.    Regular Member


Membership is open to anyone earning the designation "Qualified in Submarines" in the United States Navy who is n active duty States or who has been discharged from the U. S. Navy under honorable conditions, and those submarine veterans of WWII recognized by USSVI.








B.     Associate Member


Any person who has an interest in submarines may be an Associate Member. A Regular Member in good standing must sponsor this person; but may sponsor no more than one Associate Member. In the event an Associate Member's sponsor is no longer available, the Base will assume sponsorship. A sponsor is not required for the spouse of a Regular Member or for any naturalized U.S. citizen who is "Qualified in Submarines" for any nation other than the United States and who served honorably for that nation. The number of Sponsored Associate Members may not exceed 10% of Regular Member roster.  






Every member of the organization will pay National membership dues as prescribed in the National dues Bylaws. For those members of USSVI whose primary Base is USS Maine Base, annual National USSVI dues and initial membership fees and dues will be handled by the Base Secretary and Treasurer. 

As of Oct 1st, for NEW MEMBERS ONLY, the joining national dues is       $ 25.00 instead of the usual $20. It turn, they will be enrolled for both the current and following year membership. (They are paying $5 for last quarter and $20 for next year)

Renewing dues rates for CURRENT MEMBERS remain the same.

 Base membership dues may be assessed as indicated in the following paragraphs.




When the Base receives USSVI membership applications, the Base will ensure all required documents are current and complete. Required documents and dues will then be forwarded to National.




The dues year is from January 1st to December 31st of each year. All dues are payable on or by the January meeting of each year. A member is considered "in good standing" if both his local and national dues are paid for the current year.  Members whose dues are not paid by April 1st of the current year will have their membership revoked. Revoked members must pay the new members National dues to be reinstated. New members who join in the last quarter of a year are members for that year and for the following full year.








Future Base Dues may be assessed in order to defray base maintenance expenses; i.e., cost of web site hosting, cost of any Base bulletin or other publication, postal expenses incurred as the result of Base business, or other expenses deemed necessary by the majority of the membership. This assessment may be approved by a majority of the membership voting at a regular business meeting and changed or amended by the same procedure.




Base dues payments may be made for multiple years at a rate of $55.00 for three years and $90.00 for 5 years.  (Similar to the dues payment methods used by National).




As we have the unique ability of holding meetings without requiring everyone to be in the same space, the following meeting procedures are as follows:




The regular business meeting will convene at a time and location determined by the Base Commanding Officer or by the Senior Vice Commanding Officer should the Base Commanding Officer not be able to make this determination.




The USS Maine Base - USSVI shall conduct a Business Meeting, as determined by the Base Commanding Officer. The business meeting is open to all members in good standing.




Business Meeting dates are hereby set for the third (3rd) Sunday of the month for the month of the meeting at 1300 EST/EDT. Conflicting holidays in one particular month will move the meeting to the second (2nd) Sunday of that month. Additional meetings may be called as needed with one-week notification to be posted on the Base Information Page Web Site. Should the Base Information Page be unavailable, a mass e-mailing by the Base Secretary will be made to insure all members of meeting schedule changes. In any month when a parade appearance by the Base is scheduled, the parade attendance by Base members shall take the place of a regular monthly meeting in Augusta unless the membership is otherwise notified.









The Base Commander will open the meeting and initiate the standard opening items. He will then list all items on the agenda and passes along to membership any information he deems necessary. These two subjects will constitute the first phase of the meeting.




(1.)                   Call to order.

(2.)                   Invocation:  “While we are still standing, Let us at this time, with a moment of silent prayer remember shipmates who made the supreme sacrifice, that we may gather here in peace.  We dedicate this meeting to our Shipmates on Eternal Patrol, to perpetuate their memories in our lives and to honor our shipmates on active duty in the service of the first line of defense of our Nation.  Amen.”

(3.)                   Reading/posting of the Creed and a symbolic tolling of the bell for lost boats for the month, to be led by the Chief of the Boat.

(4.)                   Secretary verifies that a quorum is in attendance.

(5.)                   Introduction of guests: (If any)

(6.)                   Acceptance of the minutes of the previous monthly meeting which are to be posted by the Base Secretary on the Base Announcements Page no later than five days after the              meeting.

(7.)                   Acceptance of the Treasurer's Report.

(8.)                   Reports of Committees.

(9.)                   Opening of Old Business phase of meeting.

(10.)               Reminder that New Business shall be opened during phase two.





(1.)                   Discussion of Old Business.

(2.)                   Motions on Old Business -- Motions may be made and seconded on items on the agenda as "Old Business."

(3.)                   Voting on Old Business




(1.)                   Discussion of New Business. New business may be proposed by any member from the floor, or by contacting one of the Officers either in person or in written form  prior to the meeting in which the item is requested to be presented. The presiding officer will choose the most important of those items proposed for discussion at the meeting in which they are brought forward , and any  item presented as an item of New Business, but not taken up at the meeting in which it was presented shall be placed on the Agenda as New Business at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Proposals not selected for discussion by the membership may be resubmitted for discussion at the next meeting.

(2.)                   Motions on New Business.

(3.)                   Voting on New Business. New Business items not acted on will be carried forward (tabled) and presented at the next regular meeting as Old Business. New Business items not passed are dead items and may be resurrected only by the membership as a new motion during the next Business meeting.



H.        VOTING


(1.)                   For an item of Old Business or New Business to pass, it must have a motion and a second and a simple majority in the affirmative of a minimum five (5) votes total being cast. The Base Commander will vote only in the case of a tie and a minimum of five (5) votes having already been cast.

(2.)                   All voting will take place by those members attending the USS Maine Base regular meeting. [Note: this means "no" e-mail votes; "no" snail-mail votes; and, "no" phone-in votes.) The only votes that count are the votes  for all to see, and may include written proxy votes delivered by a member in attendance who has been authorized in writing to represent another member who is absent. Such written proxy authorization document will be delivered  to the Base Secretary prior to the start of the meeting in which the voting will take place, and such written authorization shall become a part of the permanent record of the Base.





A.                MEETINGS


 All meetings of the Executive Board, which shall be made up of  the elected and appointed officers of USS MAINE Base – USSVI, shall be chaired by the senior Base Officer present and may only proceed if three members are present. 


B.                SPECIAL MEETINGS  


(1.)             Special Meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the Base Commander at any time, or by three members of the Executive Board.

(2.)             Notice of Special Meetings of the Executive Board shall be provided to each member of the Executive Board by email or other means as necessary and acknowledged at least two (2) days prior to the date of the meeting, specifying the time and place of the meeting and the purpose of the meeting.

(3.)             No business other than that specified in the notice shall be transacted at a special meeting, except that at any meeting at which every voting member of the Executive Board shall be present, even if held without notice, may transact any business which may have been transacted had the meeting been duly called.

(4.)             Any matters voted on that end in a tie must be settled by the senior Executive Board member present.




Elected officers of the USS Maine Base shall be for a term of two (2)  years unless otherwise removed in accordance with Article VII ( J)  hereof, and their term of office shall begin on January 1 at 0001 hours and end on December 31 at 2400 hours. All Officers have the responsibility of upholding and enforcing the National and USS MAINE Base - USSVI Constitution and Bylaws.  


A.                BASE COMMANDER  


The duties of the Base Commander shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


(1.)             Act as the Chief Executive Officer of the base and Chairman of the Executive Board.

(2.)             Cause to call all regular and special meetings of the Base.

(3.)             Preside over all regular and special meetings of the Base.

(4.)             Enforce the National and Base Constitution and By Laws.

(5.)             Direct and supervise the operation of the Base.

(6.)             Prepare and present an annual report to the membership, which shall include as a minimum the status of the membership, treasury balance, goals achieved and plans.

(7.)             Submit, in recorded session (electronically or written) to all officers for confirmation, all appointed   officers and committee chairmanships.

(8.)             Be responsible for the promulgation of all pertinent information to the membership of the Base, including reports of recommendations of the Executive Board.

(9.)             Work up, keep current and pass on immediately to his relief a "Turn Over" folder including all official correspondence, records and official materials assigned to his care.

(10.)         Serve as the chairman of the Membership Committee.

(11.)         Determine who will act as the Webmaster for the USS MAINE Base - USSVI Web Site and other required Internet functions and who among the officers shall hold passwords for maintenance thereof.

(12.)         The Commander shall develop general policy statements that will guide the membership and officers in their duties as may be assigned. These policies shall be in written form, and numbered sequentially for easy reference by members and officers. Said policies may be amended, revised, or eliminated at the discretion of the Commander or his designated alternate, the Senior Vice Commander, from time to time.









The duties of the Base Senior Vice Commander shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


(1.)       In the absence of the Base Commander, shall preside at all meetings and perform such duties as are necessary, and as such assumes the authority of the Base Commander.  In   the event that the Base Commander is unable to perform the duties of that Office during the remainder of the term of office, as set forth in Article VII,  the Senior Vice Commander shall assume those duties of the Base Commander until the next regular biannual election, or until a special election can be called to elect a new Base Commander

(2)               Shall be responsible that only members in good standing and bona fide guests are admitted to all meetings.

(3)               Serve as a member of the Executive Board.

(4)               The Senior Vice Commander shall chair the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

(5)               Work up, keep current and pass immediately to his relief a "Turn Over" folder including all official correspondence, records and official materials assigned to his care.  




The Base Junior Vice Commander shall:


(1.)           Assist the Senior Vice Commander in all his duties, as required.

(2.)           Serve as Senior Vice Commander in his absence or if the office of the Senior Vice Commander is vacated.

(3.)           The Junior Vice Commander shall chair the Public Relations, Publicity and Parade Committee.

(4.)           Serve as a member of the Executive Board.





The duties of the Base Secretary shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


(1.)             Officiate when required in USS Maine Base - USSVI matters in the absence of the Base Commander, Base Senior Vice Commander, and Base Junior Vice Commander.

(2.)             Serve as a member of the Executive Board.

(3.)             Serve as a member of the "Membership Committee" updating membership changes as reported by the Base Senior Vice Commander on a quarterly basis. Maintain permanent membership data for the current and past year.

(4.)             Keep and submit all records and documents as required by the National Constitution and Bylaws and USS Maine Base - USSVI Constitution and Bylaws.

(5.)             Keep permanent records of the proceedings of all Base meetings and meetings of the Executive Board and post minutes of meetings on the USS Maine Base - USSVI  Announcements  Page

(6.)             Ensure that only members in good standing vote on organizational business.

(7.)             Work up, keep current and pass on immediately to his relief a "Turn Over" folder including all official correspondence, records, and official materials assigned to his care


E.         TREASURER


The duties of the Base Treasurer shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


(1).       Work up, keep current and pass on immediately to his relief a "Turn Over" folder including all official correspondence, records, and official materials assigned to his care.

(2).       Shall be responsible for all funds received and securities of the USS Maine Base – USSVI.

(3).       Shall maintain a checking account for the Base and a savings account if needed.

(4).       Shall maintain the financial reports and place copies on file with the Base Commander, as requested, and shall maintain a current balance in the Treasurer's section of the USS Maine Base - USSVI Announcements Page. Shall present to the membership a current financial status report at each regular meeting  for approval by the membership, and which report shall be in written form and delivered to the Base Secretary upon approval of said report by the membership.

(5).       The books shall be audited annually, or prior to being relieved, by an auditing committee. This committee will consist of three active members appointed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may require an additional audit as deemed necessary.

(6).       Shall collect dues and forward to National that portion of the dues required by them in accordance with existing By Laws.

(7).       All moneys received in Base functions shall pass through the treasury ,and shall be noted on the books of account maintained by the Base Treasurer. All funds paid out shall have prior approval of the Commander, or a designated officer by the Commander who has received written authority to approve the payment of funds from the Base treasury.

(8).       Serve as a member of the Executive Board














The Base Chief of the Boat (COB) shall serve at the pleasure of the Commander, and his duties shall  include, but are not limited to, the following:


(1.)      Act as Master At Arms at all meetings. He shall be responsible to the Base Senior Vice Commander for ensuring that only members in good standing and bona fide guests are admitted to all meetings.

(2.)       Shall symbolically toll the bell for Lost Boats at all meetings.


(3.)             Shall lead the meeting quorum in presenting the USSVI Creed during the Opening of all meetings.





(1.)       The Base Storekeeper shall serve at the pleasure of the Commander.

(2.)       The name, address, telephone number, email address of the Base Storekeeper will be published in the Base Newsletter and on the and Crew Web site page.  

(3.)      Purchase generic Submarine memorabilia in volume for purposes of resale by the Base, when possible and desirable, in order to avoid paying premium prices.

(4.)      The Base Storekeeper will maintain no greater than $1,000.00 of inventory. Funds from the sale of merchandise shall be turned over to the Base Treasurer each month of the year, and the Base Storekeeper may keep on hand not more than $50 in cash for purposes of making change during sales. A written receipt of transferred funds will be required from the Base Treasurer, and will become a part of the Base Storekeeper’s permanent monthly records.

(5.)      The Base Storekeeper will store his inventory in a safe environment.  If necessary, he will be reimbursed for any increase in his home owners insurance coverage accordingly. The Executive Board will authorize payment for the additional coverage.

(6.)       The Base Storekeeper shall prepare a monthly accounting ,in writing, of all purchases and sales made during the prior month, and shall present said report to the Executive Committee at each regular Base meeting.  Financial and transaction records of the Base Storekeeper shall be made available when an audit is requested by the Executive Board,, and which audit shall be conducted at least on an annual basis All transaction records shall be retained by the Base Storekeeper for a period of not less than three (3) years.






The Base Chaplain shall serve at the pleasure of the Commander and perform all duties in accordance with the Base Commander’s directives.





In the event any elected officer position is vacated before expiration of the normal term of office then the next ranking junior officer shall assume the duties and title of the office vacated.  Any other vacated office will be filled by appointment by the Base Commander for the balance of the term of that office.  At the end of the term the appointee is eligible to be elected to and serve his own term of office.





The Executive Board may remove any officer not fulfilling the duties of his office. That officer may appeal his termination to the Regular Base Members. The appeal will be decided by written ballot and by a majority vote. The two most senior Officers present will count the vote. Replacement for the office so vacated will be in accordance with Article I.  






All committees will be established only as needed and shall be disbanded upon completion of that committee's function.


A.                DEFINITIONS


(1.)      Standing Committees: Committees, which by their very nature require continuity.

(2.)               Annual Committees: Committees, which shall be reestablished at the start of each elective year, if deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

(3.)               Special Committees: Committees appointed as necessary by the Base Commander for a specific purpose, when deemed necessary by the Executive Board.  




 (1.)     The Membership Committee shall be a Standing Committee.

 (2.)     The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the Base Commander and have as  regular members the Base Secretary and other members as deemed necessary by the Base Commander.

 (3.)      The duties of the Membership Committee shall include but shall  not be limited to:  

(a)                Receive applications from new members.

(b)               Determine eligibility requirements of each applicant.

(c)                Maintain a permanent record of applications and membership.

(d)               Provide each new member with a membership packet when and if a packet is made available.




(1.)      The Memorials and Ceremonies Committee shall be a self-supporting Standing  Committee, if deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

(2.)               The Memorials and Ceremonies Committee will be chaired by a member appointed by the Base Commander and will consist of the chairperson and other members as deemed  necessary by the Base Commander.

(3.)               The duties of the Memorials and Ceremonies Committee shall be as directed by the Base Commander as approved by a majority vote of the membership in quorum.





(1.)      The Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) Committee shall be a special committee. The committee will be chaired by the Senior Vice Commander. The committee will consist of the Chairman and a minimum of two additional base members who may be appointed  as required.

(2.)               The duties of the C & B  Base Committee Chairman and the committee shall include, but shall not be limited to:   

(a.)     Issue a call and discussion for proposed Constitutional amendments during the scheduled USS Maine Base - USSVI Base summer meetings.

(b)      Publish and distribute for review to all Base members all valid proposed amendments during the September meeting of the USS Maine Base - USSVI.

(c)                Ensure the Proposed Constitutional Amendments are complete statements, which will stand on their own merit, clearly state the intent of the author and section of the organization policy, and are legible, limited to one agenda item, and conform to procedures as established by the Committee Chairman.

(d)               Review the proposed changes with Base members and vote/approve the proposed changes at the designated  Base meeting in accordance with Article X, Change of Bylaws.




(1.)             The Public Relations, Publicity and Parade Committee shall be a Special Committee, if deemed necessary, by the Executive Board. 

(2.)             The Public Relations, Publicity and Parade Committee shall be chaired by the Base Junior Vice Commander and consist of other members as deemed necessary by the Base Commander and approved by the Executive Board.

(3.)      The duties of the Public Relations, Publicity and Parade Committee shall include, but shall not be limited to:

(a)       Publicity promoting a positive image of the       organization.

(b)       Assisting all officers of the organization in developing promotional materials to advertise the organization and organizational events.

(c)        Establishment of a Parade schedule for the USS Maine Base membership to participate in as an established Veterans organization. The Parade Committee may       delegate the responsibility of scheduling appearances of the Base submarine float to a single Parade Coordinator.  This schedule will consist of participation in parades on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and any other parade approved by the membership of the Base at a regular meeting.  The Parade Committee Chairman or designated Parade Coordinator will review the locations and any requests for the Base membership participation and present such parade requests to the membership for approval. All members will be encouraged to participate as best they can.





(1.)           To take place at the regular meeting held in October of the year in which elections are to be held. 

(2.)           Nominations may be made by any member in good standing of the USS Maine Base - USSVI.

(3.)             The Executive Board may appoint a nominating committee to establish a slate of candidates for submission to the general membership. This Board shall be appointed no later than August of the year in which elections are to be held, and the membership shall be notified of such Board at the August or September regular meeting.

(4.)             All candidates must be in good standing with the USSVI and be willing to serve with determination and dedication through the term of their office.






(1.)             To take place at the regularly scheduled meeting in  November of each election year.

(2.)             Voting shall be  in accordance with ARTICLE V, SECTION H.2

(3.)             In such case as only one candidate may be nominated and running for an office, the ballot for that office may be dispensed with.




 A.       The USS Maine Base Bylaws shall be reviewed annually by a committee appointed by the Base Commander and Chaired by the Senior Vice Commander.

B.                Any proposed changes or amendments must be submitted to the Base members at a regular meeting at least 45 days in advance prior to the membership voting date, and with such voting date appropriately identified. Such changes may be posted on the Base Web site for review by the Base members, and which posting shall suffice for general notification to the membership. Any member known to not have access to the internet shall receive a written copy of the proposed changes either by first class mail or in person. When proposed revisions to the By-Laws are posted on the Base Web site all members will be notified of such posting either via Email or first class mail.

C.                The Base membership in attendance at the regularly scheduled meeting date, of which prior notice was given to the membership as in (B) above,  must approve of the submitted changes by a 2/3 vote.

D.                Amended Bylaws must be submitted to the National Office.




            Directions for the control and use of the Maine Base Submarine Float will be posted in the Maine Base Policies.




            A.        Base policies will be written and controlled by the Base Commander.

            B.        These policies will provide additional detail for the performance of duties by Base Officers, and/or any other directives as determined necessary by the Base Commander.

            C.         The Base Policies can be changed and revised as deemed necessary, from time to time, for the efficient administrative operation of the Base by the Base Commander.




            Should it become necessary to dissolve USS Maine Base - USSVI for whatever reason, all ASSETS and FUNDS of the same shall be turned over to the National Senior Vice Commander for dissolution. USSVI National is considered as appropriate authority.  Article  XIII, Dissolution will terminate the use for this