27 Sep 2009

The Holland Club Induction, originally scheduled for 20 Sep, has been rescheduled due to a booking conflict. The new date is the 27th of Sep, commencing at 1230. Potluck dinner. Bring your favorite dish (or leftovers that you want to dump). The important thing is to be there.

Please inform Secretary Gorman what you intend to bring. We generally have a wide diversity of food, but just in case everyone decides to bring Moose Chili, we can control (somewhat) the choices.


Holland Club Induction 27 Sep Info

David Jourdan has agreed to be our featured Speaker at the Holland Club Induction Ceremony In Sep at the American Legion in Augusta

Dave will have copies of his book "Never Forgotten" available either by a local book seller being there or he will bring copies with him.



About the Author

David W. Jourdan is the co-founder and president of Nauticos, a company devoted to the exploration of the deep ocean. He studied physics and engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University, and served as a U.S. Navy submarine officer during the Cold War.

From Dave: (I was on the KAMEHAMEHA (SSBN 642) from 1978 through 1981.  We operated out of Rota, Holy Loch, and Charleston.  Finished up in the yards at Kittery for overhaul.  My last job was DCA (A-gang division officer.)


Invitation to the 2009 Holland Club Induction


United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

U.S.S. Maine Base

John S. Starbird, Jr.                                                                                                          September 1, 2009

Commander, USS Maine Base

165 Whitmore’s Landing Road

Arrowsic, Maine 04530   Tel: (207) 442-8353

Email:; John.Starbird@Biw.Com


Dear USS Maine Base Shipmates,

   The creed of USS Maine Base chapter of the United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated is “To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country.  That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments.”  We also “Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States Government.”  Our creed is only a small part of who we are, we are United States Submarine Sailors and thus have been bestowed the honor of being called the elite fighting force of the US Navy to which we have been honored as “QUALIFIED IN SUBMARINES”.

    The Officers and men of USS Maine Base would be honored if you could attend our Holland Club ceremony to honor four of our longest serving members from Maine, each having attained at least 50 years since first qualifying on submarines.  Inductee Edward W. Abrahams, first qualified in 1959 onboard USS Sterlet (SS-392) and resides in Brunswick, Maine.   Inductee Robert H. Sawyer, first qualified in 1955 onboard USS Picuda (SS-382) and resides in Harpswell, Maine.  Inductee Perley D. Shover , first qualified in 1959 onboard USS Carbonero (SS-337) and resides in Livermore, Maine and our final inductee is Clarence H. Gulick who first qualified in 1952 onboard USS Irex (SS-482) and resides in Lee, Maine.  The Holland Club was formed to honor those who have attained this benchmark in their career and the ceremony includes reflecting on each man’s achievements and special award presentations.

    The ceremony will be held at the American Legion Post #205, located on Eastern Avenue, Rt. 17 in Augusta, Maine on Sunday September 27, 2009.  The ceremony is scheduled to start at 12:30 PM and will last approximately an hour and a half, with a special presentation by featured speaker/fellow submariner Dave Jourdan.  Dave is involved in deep sea research and recovery and has written a book titled “Never Forgotten”, which tells the story of the search and discovery of the INS Dakar.  We hope that you can find time in your busy schedule to help us honor these fine deserving submarine veterans.  Please RSVP at the address above by no later than Sunday, September 5th and feel free to contact me for further information at the address above.


                                                                                 John S. Starbird Jr.

                                                                                 Commander, USS Maine Base 

Holland Club Agenda September 27, 2009

10:30-12:00PM   During this time period volunteers will arrange tables and seating for meeting

 12:05 PM – 12:29 PM           Cmdr., Sr. VCDR & COB will stand by at entrance to meet incoming VIP w/ COB taking VIP to their seats. (wives of VIP and inductees will have reserved seating in first row of  tables on one side of main aisle in meeting room. This to include any staff                                    personnel accompanying senior officers.  Attending press will be provided seats on opposite side of main aisle in front row, with COB having a seat reserved for himself in same section.

 12:30 PM          Call to Order      (Starbird)

                        Brief introduction and explanation of planned days events

                         Introduction of VIP guests, representatives, and base officers at head table

 12:40 PM          Call group to stand – followed by Pledge of Allegiance

 12:43 PM          COB called to Bell position for lost boat ceremony

                       Commander, COB perform Bell ceremony

 12:50 PM          Introduction to Holland Club Membership (what it means to qualify.)  (Starbird)

                          Assemble all Holland members to form Honor Guard for presentatio(COB)

                         Call each man to be inducted to stand (half turned) to one side of head table facing membership and VIP.  (COB)

Brief biography of each man presented by Commander. 

(1)        Robert Sawyer, Chief Warrant Officer 3 (SS) USN (Ret) 1980.  Life     Member USSVI, qualified 1955 aboard USS Picuda (SS 382)

 (2)        Edward Abraham, Sonar Technician Chief (SS) USN (Ret) 1976.  Life Member USSVI, qualified 1959 aboard USS Sterlet (

                     (3)        Perley Shover, Electricians Mate Chief (SS) USN (Ret) (1975).  Life Member USSVI, qualified 1959 aboard USS Carbonero (SS 337)

                         (4)        Clarence Gulick, Radioman 3rd Class (SS), Life Member USSVI, Qualified 1952 aboard USS Irex (SS-482)

 1:00 PM                        Holland Club Induction Ceremony        

                                  (A)        Call Eastern District 1 Commander Tom Shannon to make presentation (USSVI Certificate)

 1:10PM             (B)        Call Representative Patsy Crockett to make presentation of Sentiments (Governor/Legislature)

 1:15PM             (C)        Call Senator Snowe’s Representative Deb McNeil, to make presentation (Congratulatory Letter)

1:20PM             (D)        Any other VIP’s to be called to speak (10 minute window)

 1:30PM - 2:15PM           (E)        Call for guest speaker, David Jourdan to speak

 2:15PM             (F)        End program, serve ala carte lunch to guests (VIP’s, Holland Club

                                      and Guests first in line)  (Harris/Roy)

Approx. 3:00 PM            End of Meal (Clean up)


Robert Sawyer, Chief Warrant Officer 3 (SS) USN (Ret) 1980.  Life Member USSVI, qualified 1955 aboard USS Picuda (SS 382)

Edward Abrahams, Sonar Technician Chief (SS) USN (Ret) 1976.  Life Member USSVI, qualified 1959 aboard USS Sterlet (SS 392

Perley Shover, Electricians Mate Chief (SS) USN (Ret) (1975).  Life Member USSVI, qualified 1959 aboard USS Carbonero (SS 337)

Clarence Gulick, Radioman 3rd Class (SS), Life Member USSVI, Qualified 1952 aboard USS Irex (SS-482)

Guest Speaker Dave Jourdan is presented with framed picture of USS Maine By Mainebase CDR John Starbird

Holland Club Induction Cake courtesy of Richard Harris (chef exemplar)

New members of Holland Club welcomed aboard by OLD members of club

More welcoming activities