United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

U.S.S. Maine Base


Holland Club Agenda September 19, 2010

10:30-12:00PM   During this time period volunteers will arrange tables and seating for meeting

 12:05 PM – 12:29 PM           Cmdr, Sr. VCDR & COB will stand by at entrance to meet incoming VIP w/ COB taking VIP to their seats. (wives of any VIP’s and the inductee will have reserved seating in first row of tables on one side of main aisle in meeting room. This is to include any staff personnel accompanying senior officers.  Attending press will be provided seats on opposite side of main aisle in front row, with COB having a seat reserved for himself in the same section.

 12:30 PM          Call to Order      (Starbird)

                        Brief introduction and explanation of planned induction events

                        Introduction of VIP guests, representatives, and base officers at head table

12:35 PM          Call group to stand followed by Pledge of Allegiance

12:38 PM          Invocation by Base Chaplain Terry Schmidt

12:40 PM          COB called to Bell position for lost boat ceremony

                        CDR, COB perform Bell ceremony.

12:45 PM          Introduction to Holland Club Members in attendance (what it means to qualify.).

                        Assemble all current Holland members to form Honor Guard for presentation.


                        Call Maurice F. Scribner to stand (half turned) to one side of head table facing membership and VIP table if possible.  (COB)

                         Brief biography of Holland Club Inductee Scribner Base (CDR Starbird).

(1)        Maurice F. Scribner Jr., Sonar Operator 2nd Class (SS), Life Member USSVI, qualified 1955 aboard USS Tusk (SS 426).

12:55 PM                      Holland Club Induction Ceremony        

                        (A)        Call Eastern District 1 Commander Tom Shannon to make presentation (USSVI Certificate)

1:00 PM                        (B)        Call Senator Snowe’s Representative Brian Whitney, to make presentation (Congratulatory Letter))

1:05 PM                        (C)        Call Senator Collin’s Representative Staff Assistant Charles Mahaleris, to make presentation (Congratulatory Letter

1:10 PM                        (D)        Call State Representative Patsy Crockett to make presentation of Sentiments (Governor/Legislature)

1:15 PM                        (E)        Any other VIP’s to be called to speak (5 minute window) 

1:20 PM - 1:30 PM         (F)        Call for guest speaker, SVCO Larry Ferrell to speak (10 Minutes)

                                    History of Holland Club”.

1:45PM                         (G)        Presentation of “Welcome Aboard” Certificate to Leonard (Wade) Knowlton.

1:50 PM                        (G)        End program, serve ala carte lunch to guests (VIP’s, Holland Club and Guests first in line) (Harris/Cockburn)

Approx. 2:35 PM            End of Meal (Clean up)


CDR Starbird reading Maurice's Biography

District One CDR Tom Shannon presents USSVI Holland Club Certificate

Maurice and other Holland Club Members --A very impressive assemblage of Submariners


Rich Harris (our pastry specialist) has another impressive Holland Club Induction Cake

Maurice cuts the cake, as Heidi acts as the "sharp instrument manager and controller"

Submariners are not a pretty lot, but boy, they are a great lot