The United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. represent veterans who voluntarily served on United States Submarines, from World War II diesel boats, to Cold War nuclear fast attack submarines, and to missile carrying Polaris/Poseidon submarines.  Our creed is “To perpetuate the memory of our submarine shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country”. The USS Maine Base United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. represents veterans from the entire state of Maine.

With their creed in mind the USS Maine Base of Submarine Veterans have been marching as a group, with their model submarine memorial float in Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and other parades throughout the state of Maine.


The cost of participation in these parades for travel expenses and insurance costs has been about $1000 a year.   This funding has been supported by base membership dues and personal contributions from members.  As these expenses are not going to decrease as long as we continue to participate in parades, a parade float sponsorship program could be used to help cover some of these expenses.

The sponsorship program would be set up to receive donations for advertisement by local Maine businesses by placing  discrete business signs on the submarine float to be displayed during the participation of the float in the parades. 


This type of business sponsorship funding is currently being used by many businesses in Maine to sponsor floats in local parades. 


The sponsorship program is allowed by National USSVI, as long as the signs do not divert from the following of the Submariner’s creed to remember our fallen shipmates.



One or both of the following could be used for the sponsorship program:


A onetime use sign with the company logo would go on the rear rail of the sub float.  This type of sponsorship would apply to participation by the Subvets in the town where the business is located.




Permanent (yearly) sponsorship could be made available to various Maine businesses.  This would apply throughout the year for the various parades. This would necessarily be very limited in number due to space available along the float so that other donors could take advantage of a one time advertisement as outlined above. 









A committee would be set up to control the program and to sell the sponsorship to local Maine businesses.  The committee would fall under the Public Relations, Publicity and Parade Committee, as described in the Maine Base Submarine Veterans Bylaws.  The committee would consist of a Chairman, a Business Relations Associate, and a Sign Maker.


The committee chairman will oversee the program.


The business relations associate would be responsible for promoting the sponsorship program to Maine businesses.


Sign to be provided by sponsor following design criteria set by the Committee.




The Business Relations Associate would contact Maine businesses to promote the Sponsorship program.


Copies of the Maine Base Submarine Veterans Brochure could be used to inform the company about the Submarine Veterans.


He would obtain an agreed upon slogan and sign design with the business.


He would complete Appendix A, Business Sponsorship of the Maine Base Submarine Veterans form.



A suggested sign is attached in Appendix B, Suggested Maine Submarine Veterans Sponsorship Sign.


The signs must be discrete and not divert from the main purpose of the Submarine Veterans to remember lost submarines and crews.


The suggested size of the signs would be approximately 18” to 24” tall by approximately 36” to 42” long. This assumes that there would be two signs provided and to be placed one on either side of the float. 


The logo from the company being sponsored could be placed on the sign.

Wording to the effect "Maine Submarine Veterans sponsored by Business So-and-So.  Or  "Business-so-and-so salutes the Maine Submarine Veterans would be appropriate. 


The signs would be placed aft of the Maine Base Submarine Veterans signs over the float wheels.  This area has good vision from the street and is clear of personal standing on the float during parades.

Appendix A


 Business Sponsorship of the Maine Base Submarine Veterans




_________________________________________Agrees to sponsor the Maine Submarine Veterans.


Parade Date:_______________________________________________________


Parade Town:______________________________________________________


Copy of business logo obtained.________________________________________


Suggested wording on sign:____________________________________________










A donation in the amount of --------------------will be made to the USS Maine Base, USSVI:


__________________________________________ Date:


__________________________________________ Business Sales Representative


__________________________________________ Maine Base Submarine Veteran 




Appendix B


Suggested Maine Submarine Veterans Sponsorship Sign